History of the World

the industrial revolution

The Industrial Revolution occurred from the 18th to the 19th century, it began in Great Britain, spread throughout most of western Europe then to the U.S. and finally the world. The I.R. started in England for several reasons; one was Great Britain’s abundance of natural resources. Another reason was there had just been a revolution in agriculture and now there was an abundance of food and less of a need for farmers. This extra food helped to cause a large population growth and a new pool of workers formed. The I.R. also brought about a rapid urbanization throughout Britain, many people moved to cities to find new jobs at the factories. Eventually most of England changed from a farming country to an industrialized one, and later most of the world would too.

Cause and Effects of the industrial revolution

Causes- Population growth, rural to urban migration, growth of cities, agricultural revolution/changes, improvements in technology, plentiful natural resources

Effects- Poor working conditions, low wages, overcrowding in cities, decreased travel times, labor unions, inexpensive new products